"Prize Winners" & Misc. Shots

Fincher_John.jpg (38759 bytes) Emcee Fincher
(Not to be confused with M.C. Hammer) (In other words "You CAN touch this",  but students can't...  because Prof. Fincher won't allow P.D.A.'s)

Blackwood_JeriAnn.jpg (48552 bytes)
Does this mean I do all the cooking for the 30th Reunion??? If so, where do I return this?
Clonts_Dean.jpg (50721 bytes)
A gift certificate to Spa Sidel.. To get my legs shaved? I DON'T Think so!!!
Crenshaw.jpg (38405 bytes)
Head & mustache wax in one convenient package...great! My Christmas shopping is done!
Elsner_Darlene.jpg (61901 bytes)
I bet I can fit my new Grandbaby in here...
 Hansard_Dale.jpg (47529 bytes)
2 tickets to the submarine races at Hunter Park ... and they are from my Husband... wooohoooo
Jones_Dale.jpg (41560 bytes)
A years supply of Dippity Doo... 
I didn't know they still made that...
Lindley_Clarence.jpg (34992 bytes)
Do you think anybody will notice this gift basket attached to my elbow?
Love_Linda.jpg (48767 bytes)
Are oven mitts kinky?
Ronnie wants to know...
Miller_Marcus.jpg (51494 bytes)
I think I will give this nice gift to my daughters future in-laws...NOT!!!
Mitchell_Dennis.jpg (49695 bytes)
Look, Trina Look,
A make-out blanket!!!
A make-out blanket!!!
A make-out blanket!!!
Morris_Scott.jpg (49518 bytes)
I'm telling you Cheryl a diwi is one of those cute little Australian birds...
Page_Randy.jpg (53106 bytes)
Does this mean I HAVE to take a bubble bath??? And what is this Louffa thingy for?
Plunkett_Trina.jpg (44457 bytes)
4 out of 5 dentists choose Crest, I'm glad I did... and I'm not even a dentist...
Steele_Ann.jpg (42450 bytes)
Cool... Just what I always wanted...A freeze dried Kermit...just add water
Williams_Melanie.jpg (48727 bytes)
This box will come in handy to carry this camera around in... Then I will have one hand free...
Winner2.jpg (42507 bytes)
I'm happy...but why is my bow bigger than my box?
Winner1.jpg (33095 bytes)
Is this the Moose Lodge? And if it is, do we have to watch where we step?
Winner3.jpg (56343 bytes)
Winnie the Pooh, & Tigger too..
cute, but are there anymore of those make-out blankets?
Landrums.jpg (59823 bytes)
The Landrums "smoochin in the corner" got so heated, it melted the strap on their camera
Nunnely.jpg (52699 bytes)
Ken thought this was the Grand Prize... Took her home, too!
Swertfager.jpg (61820 bytes)
You want me to look where, when you take the picture? 
Girlfriends_(of_Mike_Worley).jpg (52014 bytes)
Sexton_Group1.jpg (57401 bytes)
25th_Reunion_Committee.jpg (45046 bytes)
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