Millers&Paynes.jpg (40883 bytes)
When Ed & Pam's son (Craig) marries Marcus & Linda's daughter (Ticia)
on April 13th, 2002. Will that make Marcus... Ed's husband-in-law???
Robins_Music&Camp.jpg (41058 bytes)
Watch for the Dec. Issue of  the "National Enquirer"! There will be a 5 page spread on a story, of a team of 27 doctors that are going to try to separate these two heads. They have been joined since high school. Science has come a long way, but I don't think it can be done...

All Attendee's that had their pictures made

Owens_Chuck&Sara.jpg (39411 bytes)
Owens, Chuck & Sara
Page_Randy&Jane.jpg (54041 bytes)
Page, Randy & Jane
Palmer_Donnie&Kathy.jpg (46811 bytes)
Palmer, Donnie & Kathy
Payne_Ed&Pam.jpg (50819 bytes)
Payne, Ed & Pam (Dobbins)
Plunkett_Trina&Russel_Conine.jpg (52002 bytes)
Plunkett, Trina & Russell Conine
 Rigby_Greg&Joni(Todd).jpg (40065 bytes)
Rigby, Greg & Joni (Todd)
Scarborough_Jason&Linda.jpg (36800 bytes)
Scarborough, Jason & Linda
 Sebren_Sammie_Farist.jpg (40529 bytes)
Sebren, Sammie Farist & Beth Morris & Hope Richardson
SextonWanda_HouseDavid.jpg (41623 bytes)
Sexton, Wanda & David House
Smith_Benny&Nickie.jpg (43374 bytes)
Smith, Benny & Nickie
Smith_Tony.jpg (34663 bytes)
Smith, Tony
Steele_Ann&Gary_London.jpg (31379 bytes)
Steele, Ann & Gary London
Tuggle_Scott&Becky.jpg (71769 bytes)
Tuggle, Scott & Becky
Warren_Charlie_DottieBone.jpg (45214 bytes)
Warren, Charlie & Dottie Bone
WashingtonPokey_with_Debbie&Wanda.jpg (45382 bytes)
Washington, Pokey & Debbie LeMastus, & Wanda Sexton
Weldon_Deborah_Garland.jpg (52593 bytes)
Weldon, Deborah Garland
Wellham_Carol_Hicks.jpg (56869 bytes)
Wellham, Carol Hicks
Williams_Melanie_Hawkins.jpg (34271 bytes)
Williams, Melanie Hawkins
Williamson_Tom&Alicia.jpg (48141 bytes)
Williamson, Tom & Alicia
Wood_Barry&Jan.jpg (45978 bytes)
Wood, Barry & Jan
Worley_Mike&Debbie(Ferguson).jpg (46540 bytes)
Worley, Mike & Debi (Ferguson)
Worley_Mike&Debbie(Ferguson)2.jpg (44971 bytes)
Viagra "enhanced" Bird
Yancey_Danny&Lisa.jpg (68435 bytes)
Yancey, Danny & Lisa

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