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Richard Hanie is a gifted woodworking artist. 
He makes "custom" pieces to an individuals request, at very reasonable prices! Click below to see some examples of his animals, golf, and NASCAR "Intarsia". 
ichterlogobig.gif (27688 bytes) Bob Ichter is an artist.
He has his paintings in 11 different galleries 
More links under "I" for Ichter
SDI logo1netjpg.jpg (6449 bytes) Do you need Sheetrock work?
Donnie Palmer has been sheetrocking Atlanta's finest homes for 2 decades as Structured Drywall, Inc.
DIWI Logo net jpg.jpg (38125 bytes) Ed Payne provides National access Internet Service. Tired of paying the "big guys" prices? DIWI offers a "Family Friendly Filtered" Service as well as regular for one low price. DIWI also offers competitive website Hosting & Design, as well as several types of custom Digital Imaging.
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